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Crashing the financial system for fun and profit

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Advancing Time/Bruce Wilds/11-05-2019

EliottBanfield cartoon of politicians brandishing knives while gazing upon the goose that laid the golden egg“It would be wise to remember we are in uncharted waters and this market could reverse on a dime. The stories flowing out of companies such as WeWork that are burning through cash screams danger ahead! This means we should not discount the idea that those in charge might reach a tipping point where they crash the financial system for fun and profit. While this may seem outlandish the possibility is real. This doesn’t mean that every rich guy and gal would sign on to this plan, just enough to push things over the edge. When things have gone too far in one direction history shows that a correction always takes place. It could be argued we have reached that point and true price discovery has been lost.”

USAGOLD note:  The second of two Bruce Wilds’ pieces posted today.  Please scroll for the first.  This article has a harder edge and covers territory best traversed with a few gold coins stashed in the saddlebags.

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